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Pool Pump Trips Breaker

Pool maintenance is a complex process. On the one hand, you will have to clean your pool, and on the other hand, you will have to make sure it is functioning correctly. Your pool pump will have a significant role in the maintenance process of your pool, including both the cleaning and functionality aspects.

What is the pool pump

The pool pump will help you with cleaning your pool in a more efficient way than if you would do it manually. It gets rid of any type of debris, including the residue that might be too small to detect without a pump.

Another essential reason to use a pool pump is the fact that it will filter the pool water a lot better. This feature allows you to maintain your pool water cleaner for a more extended period.

By using a pool pump, you reduce the risk of contaminating your pool with bacteria to a minimum. You can count on better water quality, and you will spend a lot less effort during the pool maintenance tasks.

What happens when the pool pump trips breaker

To keep your pool pump running smoothly, you will have to make sure the circuit in your pool system is working correctly. This circuit should make sure that your pool pump is entirely safe to use, and it completes all the cleaning and filtration processes you want to use it on.

When your pool pump trips, the circuit breaker will not work correctly. In this less than desirable situation, there will be no power running through your pump, which will make it impossible to use it.

Your pool pump trips breaker might happen due to a short circuit caused by the water. It could also occur due to too much corrosion present on the pool pump. If it rains too much, there could be a lot of debris coming from it as well, which will get in the housing. In this case. The engine will start overworking. Finally, you might face such a situation if the cables in your breaker are not working correctly or they are connected in the wrong way.

The solution to pool pump trips breaker

But there is no need to worry. You can still fix the poop pump trips breaker if you are in the middle of such a problem. First, you will have to identify the reason why your pool pump is not working the way it should be.

If you identify traces of corrosion, you should make sure to clean them entirely. Your problem might be solved once you do that.

You should also check if your pool pump is dry. If it is not dry, you will have to allow it to dry in the sun for as long as it takes. Once your pump is dry, it might start working again, but this is not a positive outcome. If you submerged the pump in water, for instance, there will be no other solution but replacing it.

Make sure also to check the wires to eliminate the possibility of a short circuit that might be causing the trip.


If you did all the tasks in this article and you still have issues with your pump, you should consider talking to a specialist. However, more often than not, replacing a damaged pump should fix the pool pump trips breaker.

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